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"Quality Landscape, Tree & Consultation Services by Professional Horticulturists"

2415 San Ramon Valley Blvd., Suite 4375, San Ramon, CA 94583

Phone (925) 838-8873 or (925) 820-2845    Fax (925) 820-1843

Irrigation Services

Complete Full Irrigation Service:

Design - Repair - Evaluation  

Upgrades - New Systems

Drainage: Locate problems, repair, upgrade; install new systems. We deal with sump pump problems!

'Drought Proof' your Landscape! 

We are CERTIFIED to install and retrofit smart water technology controllers and systems 

(saves water, rebates may be available, makes your irrigation fully automatic!)

 We are Certified installers of the new 'smart technology' irrigation controllers. 

These units monitor weather conditions via satellite or by onsite weather station. 

No more tinkering with timers! 

These 'smart controllers' do it all for you...no more guesswork, no more over or under watering. 

These systems are approved and encouraged by EBMUD and most major water companies.

As Certified Water Auditors, ET Technicians and Horticulturists, 

we can help minimize water use and maximize water efficiency in the landscape.  

Evaluating current irrigation application and upgrading systems offer significant water savings.



Contact us for a simple consultation and get started on your 

way to water conservation and savings on your water bill!


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